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Dear Valued Customer,
Welcome to E.SUN iExchange service, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before you use the services.


Outward Remittance Application:

匯出匯款申請人(以下簡稱立約人)為委請 貴行依「匯出匯款申請書」所列各項內容,將款項匯予國外指定受款人,特立本約定書並願遵守下列所載各條款:

The outward remittance applicant (hereinafter referred to as the Applicant) hereby agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions of this agreement for remitting funds to a designated beneficiary overseas in accordance with the contents of the Outward Remittance Application:

一、立約人授權 貴行或 貴行之通匯行,得以認為最合適之方法匯出款項,並得以任何國外通匯銀行為解款銀行或轉匯銀行,如因國外解款銀行或轉匯銀行所致誤失,不論該行係由立約人或 貴行所指定,由立約人自行負擔所生之損害。 貴行如應立約人之請求協助辦理追蹤、查詢,其所需之郵電費用及國外銀行收取之費用由立約人負擔, 貴行並得要求先付款項,再行辦理。

The Applicant authorizes the Bank or its correspondent bank to process outward remittance using the most suitable method, and to engage any foreign bank to fulfill the role of the beneficiary bank or the intermediary bank. In the event of any error caused by the beneficiary bank or intermediary bank, regardless of whether the bank was designated by the Applicant or Bank, the Applicant shall bear for any injury arising. If the Applicant requests the Bank's assistance in tracking the remitted proceeds, the Applicant shall bear any Swift/mail fees, cable, or service charges the Bank may incur or the fees the foreign bank may impose. The Bank may also demand upfront payments before proceeding.


If messages have skipped lines, unclear text, or missing text due to telecommunications equipment or cable malfunction, issues with sending and receiving messages, or other causes not within the Bank's control, resulting in delay of remitted funds, failed fund transferred, or incorrect amount transferred, the Applicant shall bear for any injury arising. However, when the Bank is handling refunds, transfers, or re-remittances requested by the Applicant, the Swift/mail fees, and fees collected by the beneficiary bank or intermediary bank shall be borne by the Applicant.


In the event force majeure or other reasons not within the Bank's control cause remittance to be delayed, before the Bank receives new instructions from the Applicant, the Bank may complete remittance after the cause of delay is eliminated.


The Applicant agrees that where the outward remittance is released or forwarded through a foreign bank, if it is a common local practice for the beneficiary bank or the correspondence bank to collect handling charges from the remitted proceeds, then these charges shall be borne by the payee.

四、立約人同意 貴行選定之國外解款行,得以原幣或當日買價匯率兌換成當地貨幣或其他外幣,付款予受款人,或存入受款人之帳戶。

The Applicant agrees that the foreign beneficiary bank appointed by the Bank may, at its discretion, pay the payee in the original currency, the local currency, or other foreign currencies using the spot bid quote.


The parties agree to implement the following measures for anti-money laundering and countering terrorism financing (AML/CFT):

(一) 貴行於發現申請人(或其高階管理人、實質受益人及交易有關對象)為資恐防制法指定追查制裁之個人、法人或團體,以及外國政府或國際組織認定之恐怖份子或團體(下稱制裁及恐怖份子名單),得逕行拒絕業務往來或暫時停止或終止本約定事項所載之各項交易與業務關係,或依資恐防制法凍結交易款項,無須另行通知申請人及交易有關對象。

When the Bank finds that the Applicant (or its senior executives, beneficial owner, or trading counterparts) is an individual, legal entity or organization sanctioned under the Counter-Terrorism Financing Act; or a terrorist or terrorist group identified or investigated by a foreign government or an international anti-money laundering organization, the Bank may refuse business dealings, suspend all business transactions and trading specified in this Agreement, and freeze the funds of the transaction in accordance with the Counter-Terrorism Financing Act at its discretion without separately notifying the Applicant and trading counterparts.

(二) 貴行為確認申請人(或其高階管理人、實質受益人及交易有關對象)是否為制裁及恐怖份子名單,申請人及相關人員應即時提供資料供 貴行確認,如申請人或相關人員不配合,致 貴行未能即時比對,造成交易之遲延、終止、拒絕或失敗, 貴行不負擔損害賠償責任。

The Applicant and related personnel shall immediately provide information for the Bank to verify if the Applicant (or its senior executives, beneficial owner, or trading counterparts) is on the sanctions and terrorists list. If the Applicant or related personnel do not cooperate, resulting in the delay, termination, rejection, or failure of transaction because the Bank is unable to complete verification, the Bank is not liable for compensating any damages.

(三)對於申請人不配合審視、拒絕提供實質受益人或對顧客行使控制權之人等資訊、對交易之性質與目的或資金來源不願配合說明等, 貴行得暫時停止交易、拒絕交易,或暫時停止或終止業務關係。

Where the Applicant does not cooperate with the Bank's review, or refuses to provide information on the beneficial owner or the person exercising control over the Applicant, and other necessary information, or is unwilling to explain the nature and purpose of transaction, or source of funds, the Bank temporarily suspend or reject the transaction or temporarily suspend or terminate the business relationship.


Where the Applicant or remittance information is under economic sanctions, or identified or investigated by foreign governments or by international anti-money laundering organizations, the overseas correspondent bank will seize the funds. The Applicant shall solely bear all related risks.

六、除本約定書約定條約外,立約人願遵守有關法令及銀行間之匯款慣例。如 (一)貴行、通匯行或轉匯行認為該匯款可能使任何人牴觸法律規定時,貴行得拒絕申請人之指示匯款,相關風險由 立約人自行負擔。(二)匯出匯款生效日除美元、加幣外皆為清算地之次一營業日。

Apart from the terms of the Agreement, the Applicant agrees to comply with relevant laws and regulations and customary practices for remittance between banks. Where (1) the Bank, correspondence bank, or intermediary bank believes that the remittance may cause any individual to violate legal requirements, the Bank may refuse to follow the Applicant's remittance instructions, the Applicant shall bear for the associated risks. (2) Except for USD and CAD, the outward remittance is effective on the next business day of the place of settlement.


Notification Items under the Personal Data Protection Act (Foreign Exchange):


Gathering personal information involves risking the Applicant's privacy, E.SUN Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (the Bank) is bound by Article 8, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) to inform the Applicant of the following: 1. Name of the non-government institution that will be collecting the information; 2. purposes for collecting information; 3. types of personal information collected; 4. the duration, area, target, and method with which personal information will be used; 5. information owner's rights vested under Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act; and 6. impact to information owner's rights and interests when opting not to provide personal information.


For detailed descriptions on the purpose of information gathering,the types of information gathered, and the time, place, subject and method of which personal information is used, please refer to the Attachment.


Pursuant to Article 3 of PDPA, the Applicant may exercise the following rights over the Applicant's own information held by the Bank:


Expect for the circumstances described in Article 10 of PDPA, the right to inquire, review or obtain duplicate copies of information held, for which the Bank is permitted under Article 14 of PDPA to collect a small fee to cover its costs.


The right to supplement or rectify personal information held by the Bank. However, Article 19 of the Implementation Rules of the Personal Data Protection Act requires the Applicant to state reasons and facts.


The right to stop the Bank from collecting personal information according to Article 11, Paragraph 4 of PDPA, in the event that the Bank is found to have violated PDPA while collecting, processing or making use of the Applicant's personal information.


The right to stop the Bank from processing or making use of the Applicant's personal information according to Article 11, Paragraph 2 of PDPA, should the Applicant have doubts toward the correctness of information held by the Bank. This excludes situations where the Applicant has consented in writing or situations where the Bank is required to continue use of information as part of its business activities, provided that the area of dispute has been remarked clearly.


The right to stop the Bank from processing or making use of personal information, and to have personal information deleted from the Bank's database according to Article 11, Paragraph 3 of PDPA, when the purpose for which information was collected no longer exists or when the duration expires. This excludes situations where the Applicant has consented in writing or situations where the Bank is required to continue use of information as part of its business activities.


If you wish to exercise the abovementioned rights vested in Article 3 of PDPA, or inquire on ways you may exercise these rights, please call the Bank's customer service personnel at 0800-30-1313 or (02)21821313-1313, or the Bank's website (http://www.esunbank.com.tw/).


The Applicant is free to choose whether to provide personal information and the types of information to provide to the Bank. However, if the Applicant refuses to provide information that is necessary for due diligence or operational purposes, the Bank may not be able to offer better services or at all. We seek your understanding in this matter.

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