Personal Loan

Dual-currency Card

Fit your needs! There are three characteristics of dual-currency card:
1. Providing three currencies to choose: USD, EUR and JPY; 2. Foreign transaction service fee is free; 3. Buying foreign currency online offers discount. You can decide which one is right for you easily.

Financial Management

Carrefour Card

E.SUN has worked with leading corporation of various industries. For example, E.SUN issue co-branded card with Carrefour-the world’s second largest retail group. Carrefour co-branded Card also makes E.SUN one of the banks that own million cards.


Mobile Payment

E.SUN Bank provides a variety of mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and our own E.SUN Wallet. You can not only check the bill and activate you credit cards but also pay with E.SUN Wallet and directly add to Google Pay and Apple Pay. Besides, you can also turn your E.SUN Reward Points into variety of coupons by only few clicks. Simplify your life with mobile payment.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

To meet the demand for buying a house or refinancing loan. We provide personalized services such as repayment at any time and grace period. And the mortgage rate is linked to the market trend, it is transparent and fair.

Flexible Mortgage

Flexible Mortgage

To borrow and repay the money at any time, and calculate the interest rate on a daily basis. The repayment principal can be converted to a revolving credit, which transform your house into flexible financing.

ESun Care Mortgage

E.SUN Care Mortgage

The combination of mortgage and insurance. When the borrower dies in accident or completely disabled, the mortgage can be paid off by the insurance claim.  Let the borrower and his/her family have no worries.